About the Blogger

Hello… I am a Second Life (SL) avatar. Clearly, I am a little more than that but essentially… an SL avatar is what I hide behind.

I role play (RP) there; or did quite a bit before a longish break… I have in the past been quite vitriolic about RP in SL and to be honest… unnecessarily. That’s why, this site is basically stripped of content and will undergo a rebuild… it will be a positive experience, for me and those I play with.

The site uses content from the Second Life virtual world and whilst the Terms of Service ‘in’ world prohibit the sharing of private conversations, the terms do not extend to this blog. I use character names by default… it saves me thinking up ‘alt’ names and remembering who is who outside of the role play environment. If you are unhappy to have your character name used… let me know and I will take care of it as a courtesy.


Use the sidebar/topbar… read the ‘Blog’ or read some of the pages I decide to remain fixed… they change time to time.

You may come across Interludes… in which I just might comment on something outside of RP… something that caught my attention… watch this space. I have a lot of work to do.

Either way… feel free to comment, defend yourself or otherwise enjoy/hate/rant. It take a lot to impress me..!




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